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For more than seven years Advent & Trust Records (ATR) has accessed records from a hospital setting within the legal pre-litigation and litigation position. With this knowledge and experience ATR knows just what to look for when retrieving medical bills and records for all your legal needs. By keeping operating costs, the lowest in the industry, and network relations ATR takes pride in delivering the best product in the fastest time that will provide value and overall savings for your firm. Additionally, ATR has the ability and strategic vision to dispute and negotiate the high invoice costs allocated on behalf of your client. As a result, ATR fully values the importance of getting your firm records in the most efficient and professional manner to execute the flow of the case resulting in the fastest demand or settlement thus freeing up time for you to work on what really matters.  

What we Do

 What is required to ensure a smooth transaction is the name of the facility and a medical authorization form.  ATR will draft and submit the request, follow up and dispute invoice on your behalf if the record exceeds an amount deemed unreasonable, we will negotiate a lower rate before final delivery of the record. We offer competitive service fee(s) per facility to ensure your firms success 

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Advent and Trust Records LLC offers on staff experienced paralegal(s) who understand the mechanics and operations of new and seasoned legal firms. We offer the best in class client engagement and strategic management that aligns with your firms overall internal goals, our team has a strong business processes and communications strategy that provide the highest level of satisfaction and engagement. The combination of personalized service, support, reporting and operational delivery to our clients is what distinguishes us from all traditional records retrieval companies. 

Find out why top legal professionals use Advent and Trust Records LLC for all their records needs.  

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